Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I Learned at Bootcamp Is....

Before going to Sheldon's Art Academy I really wasn't so sure of myself and my drawing ability. My peers were so much farther ahead of me in terms of skill and I had come to terms in accepting that. However after the week long training at Sheldon's I realized how far I had come in just 1 week. I really wished that I had gone sooner. Here are some of the pieces I chose which show how much I had I had improved over the course of the week.

the first drawing I did when I got there bleh...
Attempt to improve it...


Then I busted out the tracing paper

Having fun with what I learned though still immature

For some reason I like adding long hair and thigh highs

The next drawings are the several drawings which I did in  my main sketchbook each day.

Day 1
The lines are very unsure and show no real power, was just trying to draw with what I knew from my head.

Day 2
I started to develop my own "style" is what Sheldon said. I seem to have my a very uniquea design. Compared to the sketchbook drawing on Day 1 you can see that my line quality has varied greatly and seem more loose and free.

Day 3
on this drawing I finally started to understand the power of Cal State Cool and Cal State Bitching, these two elements are an artist's greatest weapons.

Day 4
This was my most favorite drawing that I did the entire week. Everything just seemed to come together. And was really the fruit of all my labor over the week.

Trying out Tonal Paper



I learned so much over the last week at bootcamp and it was an unforgettable experience, I have a few regrets about the trip as a whole but it was something that was definitely worth my while. Thank you so much Sheldon you revealed to me what I'm truly capable of.

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